Days Of Dodie

Dodie Allen is an Icon in Western Western North Carolina and the Ambassador to Jackson County, North Carolina.  She is considered by many in Sylva as a local celebrity.  At 83 years young Dodie is still working for the citizens of Small Town America on a daily basis.

Conservative Communication Center

Dodie believes Conversations Matter in Small Towns

  Communication is the key to change.  It is the foundation of how ideas are built and written into our constitution.  Our founding fathers formed a living, breathing document that continues to stand the test of time. At its essence is communication.  

The Conservative Communication Center will be open to all - regardless of party affiliation.  It will focus on the values of those who live in Western Western North Carolina. Lets begin a conservation together and see where it takes us. You might be surprised to learn that though we have have differences, we have more in common.